Noosa ProAM - Registration
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Registration Closed

Conditions of Entry

The Noosa ProAM costs $150 to race for all Disciplines & $50 to free ride during practice only. It does not cost extra to do more than one discipline.  The first 30 riders will receive a Early Bird discount of $30 dollars.

Spots Available

Street Luge Opens: 36
Downhill Skateboarding Opens: 36
Classic Luge Opens: 24
Gravity Bike Opens: 12
Downhill Skateboarding Juniors Group 1 (age 8 to 12): 12
Downhill Skateboarding Juniors Group 2 (age 13 to 17): 12
Street Luge Juniors Group 1 (age 8 to 12): 12
Street Luge Juniors Group 2 (age 13 to 17): 12
Street Luge Masters (age 50+) 12
Downhill Skateboarding Masters (age 35+) 12

Free Ride - 25


All entrants must be aged 8 on the day of the race or older and have experience in the discipline they have registered for.

All under 18 riders must have a parent or guardian co-sign their waiver to be eligible to race.  This parent or guardian must be present at the hill whenever they're riding.

Free ride spots are available at a reduced fee.  Please note that free riders will only be permitted to ride the hill Saturday morning.  Free riders can get as many runs as they can fit in during this time.

If you are registering for Opens Street Luge or Downhill Skateboarding you will be assigned to one of two groups, Pro or AM.  This aspect of the event awards trophies to the top three podium winners and to the top three amateurs regardless of where they place on the tree. The groups will be decided by Michael English for Downhill Skateboarding and the BSL Team for Street Luge.

When registering you have the option to select a secondary discipline.  Secondary disciplines are not guaranteed and riders will only be added to the lists AFTER registrations have closed and if there is space available. The only exception to this will be in Classic Luge where top 12 fastest classic luge qualifiers will race.

The Noosa ProAM is organised by the Brisbane Street Luge team.  Money from registration fees will be used to cover the expenses associated with running the event.  The profit, if any, will be used to support Brisbane Street Luge.  None of the monies paid to BSL are used for personal gain.  For more information about how your money is used, please contact us.

By registering to this event you agree to how BSL decides to run the event.  Please read through all of the provided information especially race formats qualification seedings etc.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us BEFORE you register for this event.  If after contacting us, your concerns have not been alleviated, do not register for this event.

Your name will be added to the Rider List once your payment and registration form are received.  Payments are to be made by Paypal.  If you are unable to use Paypal please contact us before completing your registration form.

All riders are required to comply by the IDF Rule Book and will need to pass a tech inspection before being eligible to ride.

Required safety equipment will be full face helmet, one piece leathers or two piece leathers with the jacket and pants joined by a zip that goes ALL the way around the waist. Leather gloves and shoes.  Contact us if you have any questions.  Please note: free riders do not need to wear a leather race suit.  However they MUST wear a full face helmet, gloves, boots, knee pads & elbow pads.  No shorts or singlets.

Registration fees are not refundable for any reason.